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NRI Services

NRI's are divided by the countries where they live and work, but much united because they are all Indians (or) their ancestors were Indian by origin. NRI's could fall into NRI, OCI and PIO categories, but referred here as NRIs

  • NRI's have a different profile when it comes to money matters i.e., 
    • Earnings in Foreign Currency
    • Earning both taxable and tax free income, subject to tax jurisdiction
    • Maintain multiple bank accounts such as:
    • Foreign Currency (Local) - SGD, AED, OMR, GBP etc.,
    • Foreign Currency (Global) - USD, EUR
    • NRE (INR - Repatriable)
    • NRO (INR - Non-repatriable)
  • NRIs might decide to permanently settle overseas (or) relocate to India after their active working years
  • Spending  in Foreign, Local and Indian currency depending on situations like work, vacation, home country visit etc.,
  • Citizenship Status (e.g, GC / PR) in the country they live & work) 

NRI's however face major challenges relating to money management and earning gainful return on investments due to the following reasons

  • Low rates of interest in countries they reside, hence poor returns
  • Scenarios of Double Taxation, when income is from multiple countries
  • Complex and Stricter compliances to open, operate, manage and transition multi-currency investment accounts
  • "Currency risk" faced while investing and repatriating in multiple currencies
  • Limited investment choices (predominantly Insurance linked products) that charge heavily yet deliver very poor returns
  • Time zone difference between their country of residence and markets where they wish to invest their money for better returns
  • Provider's lack of understanding of NRI family specific needs and personalized service vital for financial peace of mind
  • Lastly, uncertain job situation due to political and economic factors

Scores of NRIs have benefited from our financial planning and global investment advisory services.

Talk to us to chart a financially stable future for your family.

Often, due to their tight professional work schedules, NRIs do not find the time nor have the leeway to build extensive knowledge and understanding of the plethora of financial products in the marketplace and select what is most suitable for their family's financial future.

NRI's are frequently much sought after by agents, brokers and salesmen of Foreign and Indian Insurance companies who aggressively push and subscribe them to sub-optimal, unsuitable, illiquid and one-size fits all products that deliver poor returns, do not fit investor's risk profile and turn out damaging to exit or liquidate midway with no alignment to their life goals. 

Dhanayoga has been professionally guiding Non-Resident Indian (NRI) investors living in countries such as UAE, Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Spain, Germany, USA and UK with right fit Investment and Insurance offerings, debt counselling, KYC and account setup, transaction execution, portfolio monitoring, tax harvesting, rebalancing and associated solutions and services of outstanding quality and value in an independent and thoroughly professional manner.