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When there are many options to choose from, select the one which has sustainable value.

Vishnu GUPTA (Chanakya)Teacher, Author, Strategist, Philosopher, Economist, Jurist & Royal Advisor



Dhanayoga (Sanskrit धनयोग) means an astrological combination or state that bestows earnings, wealth accumulation, prosperity and life long financial stability.

Dhanayoga founded in 2016, headquartered in Chennai, is a full-service Wealth Management firm with expertise in Equity, Fixed Income, Alternative Investments, Capital Markets, Portfolio advisory, Insurance and Tax Planning  managing over ₹ 550 Million in Client assets. 

We advise Individuals & Families (Residents & NRIs), HNI/UHNIs, Family Offices, Corporates and Institutions.

Dhanayoga offers Financial planning, Wealth Management and investment advisory, debt counselling, Insurance and Tax planning services. Our mission is to enable ordinary people create wealth by investing in high quality, value driven, suitably liquid and risk managed investment assets.

We believe in the philosophy of Value driven Wealth where wealth creation is characterized by value principles at individual, organizational and investment portfolio levels

We are employee-owned, fully independent, debt free and well capitalized. We are present in multiple Indian and Global locations through affiliates, partners and associates.


Dhanayoga evolved from the founder's own life experiences with their own investments through various channels as:

  • Low returns provided by banks in savings, recurring and fixed deposits -But at a high cost for the safety and liquidity offered
  • Government investment schemes that frequently don't even beat inflation
  • Commission driven selling of mutual funds and life insurance schemes that benefit banks and financial institutions at your expense
  • Investment products designed to be "one-size-fits-all" and sold with minimal understanding of your specific needs
  • Unscrupulous agents and brokers who recommend products instantly to grab your investment, but have no loyalty, alignment to your life goals or offer any semblance of service thereafter
  • The stock "trading circus" which systemically destroys your wealth, yet always benefits broking entities and intermediaries

All the above limitations in existing service providers prompted the founder to launch Dhanayoga with the intent to enable ordinary people who are salaried, self employed or business professionals to benefit from our practical insights and wisdom, plan their finances, allocate assets optimally to build sustainable wealth and generate a steady, ongoing, risk and tax optimized stream of cash flows.